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Guéry is part of the French Fab!

French design & manufacturing

Guéry is part of the French Fab!

Guéry joins the French Fab

The French Fab?

The standard of French industry on the move, the French Fab brings together ambitious companies that are looking to the future and are committed to:

To grow, to innovate, to develop internationally, to play collectively.

Guéry adheres to its values and ambitions:

  • Accelerate the transformation of industry through the dissemination of the concepts and technologies of the Industry of the Future
  • Modernising its production methods as business models, particularly through digital technology
  • Highlighting French industrial know-how
  • Embodying the prosperous future of French industry and the attractiveness of the professions that make it up, from training to employment
  • Highlighting French excellence and creativity
  • Adapting work organisation to new practices
  • Increase the ecological and environmental performance of its production methods and products
  • Develop an export and internalisation capacity to conquer world markets

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