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Category: Environment

French design & manufacturing

New: a book box

Rediscover reading with our designer book box Combine elegance, modernity, sharing and reading with our book box. The book box is a outdoor equipment often installed on a street corner or in a public garden. It works on the principle of exchange: anyone can leave a book behind for it to be...
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Waste management

TRANS'BAC - New for local authorities and waste management companies

How to move stacks of containers safely and independently? In partnership with Contenur for marketing, we have designed a cart to facilitate the movement and tipping of containers to meet the needs of local authorities and waste management companies. Its advantages Safety The TRANS'BAC telescopic handling cart...
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Waste management for local authorities

New: CALISTA garbage can

The AGEC law is a major issue for local governments. The deadline is January 1st 2025. To answer this problem, Guéry proposes a new selective sorting garbage can manufactured in our factory in Maine-et-Loire: 2 customizable and evolving flows 2 integrated bag holders 2+1 openings (side doors and lid) Opening by lock...
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Selective sorting: what is it today?

The selective sorting consists in sorting and recovering the waste according to their nature: metals, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood... to facilitate their recycling. According to the national instructions, the grey bin is for household waste, the green bin for glass packaging, the yellow bin for loose packaging (bricks, cardboard, plastic, metal) and the green bin for...
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PolyalAl by Guéry: outdoor equipment from the recycling of milk bricks

outdoor equipment recycled : new PolyAl by Guéry range made from recycled food bricks.

Do you know the famous Tetrapack© milk or orange juice bricks? But what happens to them after their contents have been consumed? At Guéry, we are banking on this new recycled urban material called PolyAl, which comes from the recycling of food bricks. Associated with painted steel, it gives birth to our brand new range of furniture...
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