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NEW: Bread Mussel Attachment

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NEW: Bread Mussel Attachment

bread mould driving demo

NEW GUÉRY: bread moulds carriage

Attachment of bread moulds for better productivity: 4 moulds linked together by a metal belt.

Baking moulds for square bread, sandwich bread, cereal bread, rusks, home-made buns, wholemeal bread, gluten-free bread...

Suitable for intensive use. Lid option available.

Made of tinplate, this hitch does not require any coating: neither silicone nor teflon!

+ quick to put in the oven

+ quicker to unravel

+ quick to unmould

= time and efficiency saving! 💲

Watch a video demonstration of the product:


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  1. Saby said:

    Hello Mr Caron, Mrs Nicolas,

    Practical and effective: all that remains is to tell the main people involved!

    Christophe Saby
    Magazine distributed to 100% of the artisan bakers in France.

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